Over the years, third-party cookies served as the strength of digital identity. At that time, Google used to make headlines with the most recent guidance, and without any iota of doubt, third-party cookies will be in extinction by 2022. For instance, the advertising industry now awaits Apple’s imminent iOS update, which will majorly limit tracking and targeting on all Apple’s mobile devices.

There was a major issue with the third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs. The problem is that consumers were not aware of the collection, and websites hid its usage from the users. At the same time, it may be difficult for the current digital advertising model not to break without cookies or MAIDs. It is also evident that Google alone will not bring about the silver bullet. This is why the identity solutions industry is searching for ways to bring about a revolution that will rebuild and structure greater privacy standards.

– How Did Identity Solutions Start?

This birthed the idea of identity solutions. Identity solutions have now served as a veritable tool in the hands of digital marketers and advertisers. As stated earlier, third-party cookies are no longer fashionable in the industry. Thus, they are completely phased out. This technology has enhanced the understanding of many advertisers of their audience, effective advertising.

In February 2021, there was a global survey titled “Beyond the Cookie: The Future of Advertising for Marketers.” This report concerns itself with first-party data, consumer habits, and lifestyle. As stated earlier, identity solutions help advertisers understand the audience by aggregating their interests, preferences, and attitudes on all the devices, channels, and platforms. Thus, this understanding helps digital marketers design advertisements to suit a person’s interests and lifestyle. The design will help create viable and strong promotional touchpoints and, at the same time, give credence to consumer privacy.

There is no doubt that identity solutions serve as a viable replacement for the total phase-out of third-party cookies coming close. Else, they will consistently lose the ability to find success with measurement, personalization, optimization, addressability, and frequency management. Thus, identity solutions have been identified by marketers as a viable alternative.

– Four Vital Way Marketers Are Responding to The Third-Party Phase-Out

The preceding discussion shows that the old approach of third-party cookies is no longer sustainable in today’s privacy-conscious world. Thus, this has necessitated a common language and will make audience targeting responsible and relevant. However, a wide range of solutions have come into the market scene in the past few months, and apparently, identity solutions rank very high among them. Thus, trustgrid.com provide fresh and more advanced technological strategies to improve the advertisements to consumers as privacy is respected. You can engage identity solutions to widen your business scope and grow your business. You will enjoy the numerous benefits that are accrued to you.


Identity solutions enhance the open internet. They allow consumers to provide their personal information, publishers, brands, and platforms create personalized. These solutions keep the internet open and free. These solutions bring about experiences that initiate innovation, and they help create better content, websites, and social apps.

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