This is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that often appears with an itchy, red, scaly rash and can be accompanied by swellings on the elbows, knees, elbows and other joints. The cause of the disease is not known at present. There is no cure for this condition. Psoriasis drugs are used to keep the symptoms under control. It has the following symptoms;

  1. Swollen red joints

The swelling of the joints is one of the most common symptoms of manuka psoriasis. The swelling can occur in the joints and tendons or ligaments attached to them. It may also involve the bones. The swollen joint is painful and may become very bad in some circumstances towards night when it gets cold

2.Red, scaly patches on the skin

Another very common symptom is the red scaly patches on the skin. It may occur on any area of the skin or may be confined to a particular part. The scaly areas can be dry or moist and are often tending to bleed with pressure injuries. The patches may also be tender and itch, especially during wintertime when there is less heat from sunlight

  1. Itching of the skin

Itching of the skin is one of the most common symptoms. The itching may be constant or alternate and may occur most frequently in the evening as a result of climatic and seasonal changes when there is less heat from sunlight. The itching can be accompanied with a burning sensation and can lead to bedwetting

  1. Thickening of the skin

This is another common symptom and may be the most distressing. The thickening of the skin can lead to the development of a verrucous rash, with polypoid papules, or pustules, on the face. The pustules may also contain a reddish-brown fluid coming from them. These pustules can be very painful and may lead to secondary infection

  1. Thickening of nails

The thickening of nails is another common symptom and is accompanied by a yellowish-brown coloration on them. Nails that are rough or brittle may become brittle when they break or split during nail biting. These symptoms can lead to the development of onychomycosis or nail fungus

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