Gift set gin is a special type of gin, usually in a wooden gift box. The packaging can also be ceramic or porcelain and often come with a distiller’s plate or certificate. A lot of these spirits are marketed as personalised gifts for someone you love. These gins are usually made from a specific botanical, and they are bottled, aged, and blended in the traditional way.

Benefits of choosing gift set gin

  1. You can choose the flavour you want

If you want to give someone a gift that has some meaning behind it, then a gift set gin is the best choice for you. The idea behind it is to make the recipient feel special, and this spirit is so versatile that you can build a personalised gin just for them.

  1. Fifty percent of the price goes to charity

You know how people say they are broke but they always have money to buy sweets? Well, that’s not true. Most people only have money when they spend it… Good gifts almost never cost little more than 5 USD, and most of those gifts are just an ornament or a novelty items with no real value. You don’t have to be rich to buy a good gift for someone. You just need to look for the best deals out there. You will be happy you did!

  1. It’s personalised

When kids receive gifts that are designed with their names on them, they are more excited than anything in the world. They feel special, like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Sometimes we forget that adults also want this too, and even grown-ups love getting gifts with their names on them.

  1. It tastes really good

It goes without saying that some gins are better than others. Even the best rose gin has to be mixed with something, and that is something that many people just don’t want to do (especially if the gin taste is more enjoyable). Also, the flavour of gins varies a lot depending on what botanicals are used and how old they are. Most people choose their favourite one. But if you’d like to see what other options you have in gift set gins, you can click the highlighted word above.

  1. It has a unique personality

Premium gins are made with the best botanicals and top-notch distillation techniques. They are bottled at a certain time, at a certain temperature, and they are all equally wonderful. But, you can make your own gift set gin by mixing two different gins together to create something totally original and different from the rest. If you already know the kind of gin that is right for your friend or family members, then this is an option to give them something truly unique in memory of them.


Gift set gin is a very easy and fast way to give your friend or family member something truly unique. You can choose the flavour of gin and you can also choose the botanicals that you want to be mixed with it. Most people like to see what kind of Distiller’s plate they are receiving before they open the bottle, so that is another good reason why gift set gins are good gifts for a variety of occasions.

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