There is no minimum account balance or deposit required in the opening of the NAB Classic Banking account. Also, there is no monthly account service fee nor direct ATM fees involved. Internet and mobile banking have made access to the NAB Classic account easier. Customers can still transact by visiting their respective bank branches.


It is one of the biggest banks in Australia with an array of branches and ATMs, where customers can access their accounts. NAB Classic Banking account allows the account holders to apply for a Platinum Visa Debit Card, which provides a variety of extra perks.


There are no additional charges involved when it comes to getting a Visa debit card. The NAB Visa debit card Australia can be used to shop online and any other platforms where it is acceptable. The other advantage is that it includes PayWave, which facilitates shopping. Purchases made via Visa debit card are verified by VISA protection bodies meaning every transaction is recorded, minimizing the chances of fraud.


The NAB Classic Banking has improvised the security of their banking system, making it difficult for the fraudsters to gain access to their accounts.


The NAB account attracts a fee of $5 for all foreign ATM withdrawals and a 3% foreign exchange commission.


Platinum Visa Debit Card owners are required to pay a monthly fee of $10; in return, they enjoy a variety of benefits such as exemption of the foreign currency fees on overseas purchases and a cashback offer for monthly payments.


That is enough to sway you to get a NAB Platinum Card. With this card, there are various benefits extended to cardholders such as foreign travel, fraud protection, extended warranty, and access to NAB Service 24-hour a day. It is essential to get a NAB account as fast as possible to enjoy these benefits.


This account is suitable for persons who are looking to open a flexible bank account that can be accessed 24-hour a day. NAB accounts can be accessed via the internet or mobile banking, making it one of the best banking accounts.


NAB accounts offer a good saving plan for persons interested to save money more often. This is because of the availability of many banks and ATMs where customers can withdraw or deposit funds into their accounts. Mobile and online banking have made it easier for account holders to transact with banks regardless of where they are. This means one does not have to visit a bank to transact physically.


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