The workplace today is always shifting. It’s shifting quickly into the internet age. Today, work teams no longer have to gather in one place to get things done. Work teams can consist of members from all over the world! And this isn’t a hindrance at all anymore. This is all thanks to video conferencing sites such as Slack.

Slack makes it super easy for you to communicate with your team through channels. A channel is basically a group chat. You can organize your channels based on teams, projects, or any other thing. Here you can communicate with each other, share files, and get work done together. Slack also makes it very easy for you to search through the history of these channels, so you can easily find what you are looking for.  Now, you can also make slack video conference calls – across the world!
Aside from that, Slack also allows you to integrate a variety of different applications. Applications that you are probably already using for your work team! Some of the most used apps that can be integrated into Slack are Google Drive, Trello, GitHub, and so much more! If you already use these apps, you’re going to love the fact that they integrate perfectly into Slack.
But perhaps the best thing about Slack is its video conferencing capabilities. Sometimes, chatting is just not the same as seeing eye to eye. Especially when it comes to serious meetings. With Slack, you can start a video conference with your team! You can get everybody involved, no matter where they are in the world. And you can all see eye to eye and discuss what needs to be done.
Just to add the cherry on top, Slack also allows you to share your screen as well. This way, you can show exactly what you are talking about to all of your team members. Communicating with your team has never been better.

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