Moles might be present at the birth of a person during birth but there are some moles that appear on the body suddenly and these kinds of moles can be a matter of suspicion. The reason for this is because too much of moles on the body is a warning sign of melanoma or skin cancer and hence when you find there are any changes in the size, color, appearance or texture of the moles then it should be tested quickly. Hence, before you go ahead with the examination of the moles, you will need to find out when should you get moles checked because early detection is important for minimizing the risks of developing skin cancer. It is also important that you opt for regular skin examination so that you will not have to face the severity of melanoma. Preventive medical care is extremely important and it involves identifying the signs of skin cancer so that right treatment can be taken to reduce the risks.



The appearance of new moles that are causing any kind of issues to you is a matter of serious concern and you should get it tested at the earliest. Hence, you need to visit the dermatologist when your mole is itching, painful, bleeding or has become tender. The physical examination might help the health professional to determine whether the mole is cancerous or not so that he might take tissue samples for conducting microscopic examination. The biopsy of the mole is extremely important because it enables you to know whether you are suffering from skin cancer or not. You will also need to limit the exposure to sunlight because too much of exposure can cause skin cancer and for this you need to apply sunscreens as it reduces the risks of skin cancer. Additionally, if you have family history of suffering from skin cancer then you need to be proactive so that you can follow the right steps to protect yourself from skin cancer. Moreover, you should also visit the dermatologist and carry on examination for finding out whether the mole is cancerous or not.



There are some moles that might be unattractive or bothersome which you might get removed or don’t but when you find any suspicious mole, then you should get it tested at the earliest. There are different methods of mole removal in Sydney which includes surgical shave and surgical excision and the kind of method that you select will depend on the mole. You will also need to consult the dermatologist for examining the mole so that you can determine the best way of getting rid of the mole so that it does not affect you in any manner. When the dermatologist is suspicious if the mole is cancerous then he will carry on minor operation for removing the mole so that he can find out whether it is melanoma or not. Therefore, you need to be careful about any changes in the mole so that you can take proactive measures for dealing with skin cancer.


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