car tyre on your own

Most people have the notion that only a skilled mechanic can change their tyres. What they fail to understand is that, doing it on their own come with a lot of benefits such as saving money, getting you out of trouble during incase of unexpected tyre failure e.t.c. Here is a quick guide on how to fit your own wheels in Brisbane.

Upon realizing that you have an inflated tyre, slow down and pull over along the road. Before you switch off your engine, ensure that your handbrake is engaged. Use your warning triangle to set up a perimeter so that oncoming traffic can easily see you.

Before taking any action you should ensure that you have all the basic tools. These tools include a lug wrench, jack, an inflated spare tyre and are equipped with the necessary skills

Use the jack to gently lift your car, up to fifteen centimetres off the ground. The suitable position to have it should be as near the flat tyre, and should be on the edge cars’ body. Then carefully get off the lug nuts.

Once you are done removing the nuts. Remove the flat tyre and put it aside. Lift up your spare tyre and have it in place of the flat one. Ensure that the tyre is in line with the lug bolts. Now tighten the nuts and be careful to over tighten them.

Lower the car jack, and assemble your tools. Clean them before returning to the boot. Once you are done, don’t forget to go to the mechanic and have your flat tyre repaired. This way you will be well prepared in case of an emergency.

It is good to have a general understanding of your vehicle such, in case of a breakdown you know what to do and where possible fix it yourself without calling a mechanic.

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