The minimum legally required insurance is included with all vehicles that are registered. Called the’green slip’ just in NSW. Provided that the car is registered it’s this insurance and you don’t have to sight the green slip.


CTP insurance covers the driver for accountability with respect to claimants health and healthcare costs. It might not cover the driver who should have their own travel or health insurance.


In Australia third party property insurance isn’t compulsory. Third Party Property Insurance insures you against liability for damage your car might cause to other people’s property, usually another car in an accident.


It’s strongly suggested that you choose Third Party Property Insurance when you buy a vehicle. At roughly AU$210 for three months to AU$400 for 12 months and excess free with many providers, getting insurance isn’t too expensive.  To find the best deal on car insurance, check out ISelect.


The minimum insurance required by law is contained under the registration of vehicles in Australia. This is the compulsory third party personal injury (CTP Greenslip) insurance. Vehicles can’t be registered without this certification, therefore every car with a current registration decal has this insurance CTP insurance insures everybody involved in a motor vehicle collision, except the driver who caused the collision, for medical and disability costs that result from the crash. We at Travellers Auto Barn strongly indicate that everybody travelling to Australia take out their own travel/health insurance.

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