Trading in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin using platforms like Zipmex has become popular in the last few years. Many of the bitcoin traders do not wish to convert their money back into Australian dollars. The number of websites paying people with Bitcoin has also increased. Since the conversion charges for bitcoin to australian dollar remain high for small amounts, many people who have bitcoin in their wallet are interested in finding the best places to spend bitcoin and buy btc in australia. While there are a large number of websites selling digital products and services which accept bitcoin, the number of offline sellers remains limited in Australia.


Individuals and businesses in Australia who wish to spend Bitcoin should be aware that most of retailers and service providers accepting Bitcoin are located in the largest cities of Australia like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. A majority of businesses accepting payment in the Bitcoin are located on the East coast of Australia. Restaurants are the main businesses which are accepting Bitcoin payment. Subway fast food chain is accepting Bitcoin payment in all 1400 outlets. Hero chain of restaurants in Melbourne, is another group where Bitcoin is acceptable. There are also a large number of stand alone restaurants accepting Bitcoin payment.


In addition to restaurants, there are also some bars and coffee shops where Bitcoin can be used. A few dental service providers and healthcare specialists like a cardiologist are also accepting Bitcoin payment. Hairdressers, salons and garment stores may accept Bitcoin, especially if they are using the latest technologies and have a website. Some computer related businesses, like computer hardware sellers and training providers may accept Bitcoin especially if they selling relevant hardware or services. The prices of bitcoin are fluctuating rapidly, so the business may start or stop offering Bitcoin as a payment option anytime.Hence the buyer should check with the business before taking a decision

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